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Author Topic: Weekly Update [Week of April 13th, 2014]  (Read 979 times)

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Weekly Update [Week of April 13th, 2014]
« on: April 14, 2014, 04:01:13 AM »
Status Update
April 13th, 2014

Lots of progress. Much more work than last week.

What I've done [A summary]

  • Phased out Slack in favor of a public board with rules - This will have great effects on the production and expectations of MMC.

  • Improved relations between officers to prevent aggression and misunderstandings - Disregarding Real-time Live chat is necessary in this situation.
  • Set up the MMC Miner's Library - Most or all of the popular mining applications are uploaded onto mmc-square
  • Set up P2Pool MMC-Square 0% Pool - Running Killerbyte's Current P2Pool from git pull.
  • Updated the forums to protect from the OpenSSL heartbleed bug.
  • Paid Biophil his first week's sponsorship (out of 18) of $40/MMC (Marketing) [We will come to terms as soon as someone helps me plan what he should do for us.]
  • Set up multiple threads with many ideas for other officers to look at and reply to.
  • Organized ideas and projects to be completed as well as the rules on how to start and maintain a project.
  • Launched several bounties to help improve the miner interface (EZ GUI Miner) and added MMC to the electrum client setup.
  • Set up Memorycoin Mining Dynamics Tutorial and the Beginner's MMC Miner Tutorial.
  • Updated the executive section permissions to allow all members to reply.
  • Ported some useful information from the old forums to the general discussion board.
  • Setup the MMC Art Group Funds.
  • Promoted Art and Improvement to the design of MMC.
What's happening in the Executive Board

We're at a loss from emre, emptying out all of his MMC to the exchanges as well as having a voting and share balance of 0/0. Since he announced his closing of the mmcvotes website and the faucet (which always seemed to be empty anyway), they will no longer be respected by the community. We also cannot continue developing through his "way of coding".

I am attempting to push out a new MMC Election Project that will track elections in real time, as well as a custom faucet that will do wonders to active members for our forums.

Robonix has been busy with the MMC commercial and some extra art that he has been working on. Thanks shareholders, he has also filled the spot of CTO as CMO2.

Killerbyte has been working on several features of P2Pool and the pool software is doing great.

Seraphim, I am still waiting for you to interact with me.

Planning for the Future

Again, I can't stress how important an effective CTO is to a developing coin. (calls out for freetrade to come back.)

We will do fine for now, and currently I am going to put more emphasis on the marketing of MMC because it is very crucial for adopters to join to see that our old community will have some fresh meat browsing around.

We have something very special in store for you all later this week!

CEO of Memorycoin

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