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« on: April 03, 2014, 03:15:22 AM »
Below is my original post from bitsharetalk.com's Memory Coin thread located Here.

I'd like to announce my candidacy for CEO.
I am a long term supporter of Memory Coin and have been here since the second launch (Dec. 15, 2013).

Where's FreeTrade?
I would not like to say anything bad about FreeTrade but he has been inactive on the forums for the past few weeks and I believe a new CEO must be named.
Since the mining period is more than 60% complete -- FreeTrade has already received the majority of the coins to be given as a candidate and I believe I can help bring some needed exposure to the coin.


     I'm 20 years old and reside in the US. I work alone, hit the gym everyday for about two hours, and trade the Foreign Exchange Markets. I'm not a very profitable Foreign Exchange Trader [with 1.5 Years Experience] and along with the markets, I also have ample time to meticulously to view any activity on the Memory Coin Forum. I can also use this time to fulfill my duties as CEO.
     I've had experience in operating Linux Servers and have invested moderately in MMC Mining within the first week of the launch. As a miner, I know how it feels to have the value of a coin you believe in flip upside down because of some things that you cannot control. The golden mining opportunity of MMC is that once you buy new hardware to mine it, you can easily use that equipment somewhere else.
     I've been a strong believer in MMC and think that not only is it a good coin, it is created to profit investors and holders in the long run. With inflation at only 2% once the mining period is complete and Kimoto Gravity Re targeting, it will survive for a long time while other coins see huge volatility swings in their value. It's completely better than any fiat currency because their inflation is not set at 2% -- They need the bank to use 'tools' in order to preserve those inflation levels and target other social problems.
     The block chain election hasn't been completely utilized. Big MMC holders are not voting enough, and elections are almost completely unanimous. There are no 2nd preference candidates working for a win. I think that the block chain must be competitive in order for this coin to succeed. That's why I will be working for this title as CEO.

I, as well as FreeTrade, believe that CEO's main job is to increase the value of the coin for the shareholders.

My Core Ideas
  • The Block Chain Elections should be active, as they are one of the few incentives to hold coin from circulation.
  • Memorycoin should be easy to use even 'for your grandmother'.
  • Memorycoin should be better than Bitcoin in the long run
  • Investors should see a stable and consistent increase in the value of their Memorycoin.
  • Exchanges should come to us, not us to them.
  • Promote the preservation of the increasing value of the coin.
  • Maintain daily communications with ALL current candidates
  • Create bounties and contests for the community to put in some hard work for the coin
  • Announce all work and coin transactions to the community

Current Plans
  • Equip Memory Coin with the capabilities of infecting the world through viral and social media.
  • Holding meetings with candidates at a Universally Coordinated Time to discuss plans for the coin.
  • Create a new website and forums that is dedicated to MMC.
  • Upgrade all mining statistics and instructions on how to improve performance when mining MMC.
  • Promote Community Support
  • Dedicate all earnings to this coin. I will only keep a modest portion of my block-chain reward.
  • Revamp a new MMC Commercial designed to 'teach' others what cryptocurrencies are, downplay bitcoin, and promote MMC.

If you have any comments or concerns, please post a reply to this topic.

Please Vote

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Let's get this show on the road!
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