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Author Topic: [CPU] mc2miner MMC CPU Miner - Legacy Release (Windows and Linux)  (Read 1739 times)

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Original Post
This miner has been known to work on most processors as a compatible miner.

Minimum 1GB RAM

We love MMC!


mc2miner is a MemoryCoin 2.0 miner for CPU with high performance. GPU mining is also supported. It can be used on any mining pool which implement the HTTP getwork protocol.


--url URLSpecify the URL of the pool. The URL should starts with http://. The pool should implement the HTTP getwork protocol. The default value is http://work.mmcpool.com.
--threads numberSpecify the thread number for CPU mining. To achieve maximum performance, we recommend setting the thread number equivalent to your CPU thread numer, that is, for hyperthreading cores, it is counted as two threads. If you also do GPU mining on the same machine, consider setting this value by the thread number of CPU minus one, to achieve better performance of the GPU miner.
--noavxUse SSE4 instruction set instead of AVX (default). This is for those machine who does not support AVX and will slightly decrease the miner performance (~3%).
--idleTry to make the mining process in background. In current implementations we use idle priority on Windows and idle scheduler on Linux. Currently this option has no effect for GPU mining.
--gpu idUse the GPU specified by id instead of the CPU for mining. The id starts from zero. To get a full list of the GPU devices supported in your system, set id to -1. Currently this option is not supported in Linux versions.
your wallet addressYour MMC wallet address.

Win64 binary (v0.1e)MC2Miner Win64[virustotal]
Linux64 binary (v0.1d)MC2Miner Linux64[virustotal]

From replies, we collected some performance data.
Xeon L56396.5hpm
32 thread Dual Opteron7hpm
Dual Xeon L56397.9hpm
Dual Xeon L567012.2hpm
AMD Radeon HD7850 (2GB)8hpm

The software comes as it is, without warranty of any kind. It is solely your decision to use it or not.
Use at your own risk, the creator can not be held liable for damage to your system.
If you are in doubt - don't use it.
You can check if your miner is actually connected to your account on the pool site in Workers area.
First 30 seconds after start and 30 seconds more for every running hour miner will mine for its developers to support further performance, functionality and compatibility enhancements.


0.1eadded GPU mining for Windows
0.1dsupport AMD CPUs now (personally I don't have one so I can't test)
0.1cfixed hanging when threads >8 in the linux version
added start_mining script to auto detect instruction set and processor core number in the linux version
0.1badded linux support
use mmcpool.com as default mining pool (use --url to change)
use work/min instead of share/min, invariant to network difficulty
minor bug fixes
0.1ainitial version


Files Included

mine_cpu.bat Contents [Windows]
Spoiler for Hiden:
mc2miner.exe --url http://work.mmcpool.com --threads 8 MPXzLnBhwiAeJTi1M11xE14skrQubNLEuy

mine_gpu.bat Contents [Windows]
Spoiler for Hiden:
mc2miner.exe --url http://work.mmcpool.com --gpu 0 MPXzLnBhwiAeJTi1M11xE14skrQubNLEuy

start_mining Contents [Linux]
Spoiler for Hiden:


(cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep ^flags.*:.* avx) > /dev/null
if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then
echo [$0] AVX support detected
echo [$0] AVX support not detected, using SSE4

echo [$0] Using parameters: --url $POOL_ADDRESS --threads $THREADS $WALLET_ADDRESS $EXTRA_FLAGS

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