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Author Topic: Informative Guide to Mining Memorycoin - A Dynamic Environment  (Read 1457 times)

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Memorycoin Mining
A responsive and dynamically changing environment affected by everyone

Why should I mine Memorycoin?
  • The mining period of Memorycoin benefits early miners and investors.
  • Difficulty retargets every block, the amount of coins that are supplied at any given moment are limited.
  • It is the most profitable CPU coin on the market.
  • GPU's cannot find great advantages over CPU's with Memorycoin's simple but special algorithm.
  • It is the most unique and interesting coin in the cryptocurrency coin market.
  • You don't need special equipment to mine. Memorycoin miners are supported on all major Operating Systems, even OSX.
  • Any equipment used to mine Memorycoin can be resold. Personal Computers can be used by everyone.

Benefits of mining Memorycoin
  • Join the ecosystem of miners and speculators. Once you start, supply will automatically reconfigure to reduce reward for other miners, limiting the amount that is usually sold off in the market, increasing the value of the coin.
  • Donate to charity projects that you vote for. These charities will help contribute to social projects.
  • Pay a team of developers that you vote for. The amount of MMC you hold and "droop quota" will ultimately affect the voting ballots.
  • Long term gains. The block reward of Memorycoin will reduce to just 2% inflation in Dec. 2015.
  • Convert electricity into cash. MMC miner programs are capable of effectively mining by using only the idle cycles of your CPU, decreasing the amount of productivity you lose out to.

Memorycoin is the Future of All Cryptocurrencies
  • Memorycoin will not have great changes in exchange rate. Only 10 million coins will be issued, and CPU mining will always be a profitable option. The inflation rate of Memorycoin after two years is 2%. This will inevitably ensure stability for the price of MMC.
  • Bitcoin is a loser. Mining booms and inflation are complete problems. Once a new cryptocurrency stands out, almost every merchant who has adopted Bitcoin can move onto Memorycoin because the source code is very similar.
  • The source is open to those who wish to enhance the project.
  • Memorycoin also solves many problems such as a blockchain paid developer team to ensure the increasing value and improvement of the coin.

The Social Dilemma of Buying MMC at an Exchange

The real way to buy Memorycoin is to mine it. Don't use Bitcoins to buy it. By mining the coin, you are inadvertently increasing the difficulty of memorycoin, reducing the supply given to those who are selling it down. If you are going to buy MMC with fiat, buy the equipment, pay the electricity costs of mining it, then sell or re-use the hardware for other purposes. This ensures that our environment isn't abused by people who already have a high hashing power in the network.

Not only will you pay fees that accumulate and inevitably reduce your gains, you are faced the risks of the exchange freezing withdrawals/deposits and closing down. Mining MMC to your own personal MMC wallet is a good way to safely invest into memorycoin. You are able to participate in elections, vote for your preferred charity, and do a ton of other things with your MMC. Without the security hazard of them being lost for any reason, you can be safe knowing that your MMC will be worth thousands of times more in the future.

On the Contrary,

Since very recently, many of the Memorycoin Mined have been sitting on exchanges, away from Memorycoin Wallets. This needs to change, and we need to enable more voters to participate in block-chain elections. The coin value is going down because of market conditions and a significantly low amount of investors who wish to buy Memorycoin at its current price. My long-term predictions will point to relinquish miner greed and completely finish the mining investment period. The market will proceed to remain in this 'stalemate' zone until the mining period is over. It is my opinion that after only then, the coin's real beauty will appear.

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