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Author Topic: Set up an EZ Memorycoin Node on Linux  (Read 1174 times)

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Set up an EZ Memorycoin Node on Linux
« on: November 18, 2014, 06:13:35 PM »
How to run a Memorycoin Node (EZ Mode)

Hello Memorycoin Community! This guide will help you successfully run a Memorycoin Node on most Linux flavors.

  • 200 MB of RAM/SWAP
  • At least 1GB of Hard-Drive space. As the block-chain gets larger, so will the amount of space it will consume. While retrieving the Block-chain, the hard-drive should not be bottle necked by other services.
  • A stable internet connection with firewall opened up to TCP port 1968 IN+OUT.
  • Enough knowledge to ask questions when you're stuck. (This will help the tutorial as a whole).

Let's get started: (Estimated Completion Time: 3 minutes and an undeserved long coffee break)


Step One - Install

Install pre-compiled Linux package:


Step Two - Configure

Create the Configuration File for your Node

Please replace the rpcpassword with a unique password.
Code: [Select]
cd ~;
mkdir -p ~/.memorycoin;
echo 'rpcuser=memorycoinrpc
server=1' > ~/.memorycoin/memorycoin.conf;

Step Three - Start Up Script

Create a bash script to automatically open your Memorycoin Node

Code: [Select]
cd ~;
echo '#/bin/bash
memorycoind --datadir=/root/.memorycoin --port=1968 --churn=0 --daemon' > ~/start_memorycoind.sh;

chmod +x ~/start_memorycoind.sh;

Step Four - Extras

Set your Memorycoin Node as a Churn Node:
Code: [Select]
Switch churn=0 to churn=1 in ~/start_memorycoind.sh;

Start your Memorycoin Node:
Code: [Select]

Stop your Memorycoin Node:
Code: [Select]
memorycoind --datadir=/root/.memorycoin --port=1968 stop;

To check on your Memorycoin Node's Status, type in this command:
Code: [Select]
memorycoind --datadir=/root/.memorycoin getinfo;

To check your Memorycoin Nodes' Debug file, type in this command:
Code: [Select]
watch -n 5 tail -n 50 ~/.memorycoin/debug.log

To clear your block-chain if required, type in these commands:
Code: [Select]
Close the Memorycoin Client:
killall -9 memorycoind;

cd ~/.memorycoin;
rm -Rf blocks chainstate database db.log hashlookup.txt memorycoind.pid peers.dat debug.log;

Start the Memorycoin Client:

Thanks for Reading!
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