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Author Topic: Weekly Update [Week of April 6, 2014]  (Read 1005 times)

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Weekly Update [Week of April 6, 2014]
« on: April 06, 2014, 07:40:20 PM »
Status Update
April 6, 2014

Many people from around the world are interested in Memory Coin and would like to adopt. I've seen a significant improvement in our community forums as well as more activity on the bitshares forums.

I was elected almost a week ago. We have had some huge popularity over the past week, and that can be reflected in our recent gains in the exchanges.

What I've done [A small summary]

Set up the forums: mmc-square.com
Improved projections for the future of MMC
Taken an interview with manebjorn (more to come)
Opened up giveaways
Hired Robonix to do some soft side work while he's finding a place as a candidate

What's happening in the Executive Board

Our marketing division is currently facing competition, with Robonix coming in and running to be elected. Tomorrow, still with a landslide majority vote, is coming out on top while robonix struggles to gain more popularity.

BTChris has currently resigned office (part of the networking division) (as hired by KillerByte) because he will be busy for the next six months.

Emre has unfortunately resigned office from the catalyst of my coming as CEO. He also indicates that we need some new blood coming in to help promote MMC.

Planning for the Future

I'd expect a parabolic increase in the price of MMC once we find a very dedicated CTO to join our team. I have many generic fixes that we can implement to the code of MMC, and would like a new CTO to help the team and I. Hopefully if Freetrade ever decides to come back we can use his skills as CTO.

Bounties to help open up features for MMC (The team and I are to brainstorm how to promote those who are up and willing to take a risk and make something creative for MMC).
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