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Author Topic: Weekly Update [Week of May 4, 2014]  (Read 1052 times)

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Weekly Update [Week of May 4, 2014]
« on: May 08, 2014, 08:24:52 PM »
[size="4"]Status Update[/size]
[size="1"]Week of May 4, 2014[/size]

Four days after the start of the week. I'm just going to make this status report brief and quick. I've done a little here and there.

  • I've become moderator of the Memorycoin reddit homepage and I'm posting any latest announcements on the reddit site. The subreddit description has been updated and you can visit the reddit page here: Memorycoin Reddit Webpage
  • I've posted the new Re-announcement of Memorycoin with a revamped description on bitcointalk.org that appeals to many alt-coin hunters. Bitcointalk.org Thread
  • Tomorrow has given me access to the Memorycoin Twitter page, owned my itsik, and have been posting more announcements there to generate more traffic to mmc-square and Memorycoin. Memorycoin Twitter
  • I've announced the Hard-fork and worked with the rest of the team to make sure all memorycoin clients are updated on time.
  • Created the What's a hard fork thread - Hard Fork
  • Compiled Memorycoin-QT on Windows and prepared a build environment for any other Windows Builds
  • Added pc's Memorycoin-QT + Memorycoind Repositories as a Linux package download for Memorycoin.
  • Announced the new memorycoin wallet v0.8.54b release here
[list type="decimal"]
[li]Added YAM and 32-bit MMC Miners with easy to use shortcuts on first time users that would like to mine Memorycoin.[/li]
[li]Added a public mirror from the VPS that runs a shoutcast server.[/li]

  • Made more progress with the Shoutcast Playlist (Pop), there are now 100 songs and 4 separate streams playing at different encodings -- I will post a thread shortly with more information.
  • Added more 0% P2Pool's in several different locations. See Thread
  • Updated YAM MMC miner version hosted on MMC-Square - YAM Thread
  • Added a new member's Freebie thread here
  • Added the fun game thread in the contest corner Guess That Number! Round 1

  • Bought a Mac Mini (~$800) to compile future Memorycoin-QT wallet releases.

  • Made very little progress towards game servers, this is my main priority after the MAC versions are compiled.
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Re: Weekly Update [Week of May 4, 2014]
« Reply #1 on: May 08, 2014, 10:15:54 PM »
Making a great job. :)
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