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Author Topic: Weekly Update [Week of April 27, 2014]  (Read 968 times)

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Weekly Update [Week of April 27, 2014]
« on: April 29, 2014, 05:16:23 PM »
Status Update
Week of April 27, 2014

Things have finally settled down in the community and I think now is the best time to start working on projects. We are planning to announce a hard-fork to fix the KGW Time-Warp Bug. We have decided that we must have a 14 day buffer in-between all hard-forks.

It seems that according to my calculations, the Hard Fork is at
14 Days x 24 hours x 10 blocks = 3360 Blocks
(Current Block 32360)

The Hard Fork is going to be set to block 35720.
  • Fixes the KGW Time-Warp Bug.

I'm working closely with all the team members and have contacted BTChris about taking over the reddit tipbot.

I'd like to hire kanes as the CSO because he will be helpful in translating articles to Portugese as well as add exposure for Memorycoin in his region. Please vote for him.

I am looking forward to completing the Online Gaming Adaptation Plan as many players will enjoy making some $ while having fun and playing. The amount of exposure this will bring is important.
 The most important thing is to keep our game servers full, as our advertisements to players will add even more exposure. I've planned on hiring an experienced Game Server admin to look over all the game servers through RCON for around $30/MMC per month.
 This week, I will try to get a working system for paying players out in MMC, after that, it should be a breeze for gaming.

On announcements: any new updates that may come up will be announced on all topics and websites applicable to Memorycoin. However this data is pushed, it must be announced to the community wherever they check. Any member of our community has the best intentions by posting anything new about MMC.

Handling the Shoutcast server is tedious but if anyone would like to oversee it, it's very easy to add and maintain the station(s). Please PM me if you want to be taught. I'd pay around $25/MMC per month for a good maintainer

My handle on Memorycoin: Since the mining investment period is almost more than complete, the incentives are shifting towards exchanges to retrieve the missing MMC that is keeping the exchange rate near its low. After the mining period is completely finished, the MMC rate should spring up as the valuation of the coin will increase over time.

Since there are over 2.65 Million MMC sitting at bter, It's definitely time to try to get that out of there and use it as shareholder's power. I don't know who owns most of these coins, but they are not helping out with the voting process.

Right now I'm working on coding the payout system so I will update the WIP thread in the officer board after some progress. Next week I'll attempt to contact all members to have status reports because it is very important to the community to see what we are working on. Sorry about the short-update, I want to maximize my productivity at the moment to get what I need done off my plate.
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Re: Weekly Update [Week of April 27, 2014]
« Reply #1 on: April 30, 2014, 10:40:42 AM »
Thanks for the support. :)
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