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Author Topic: Weekly Update [Week of April 20, 2014]  (Read 985 times)

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Weekly Update [Week of April 20, 2014]
« on: April 22, 2014, 04:44:30 PM »
Status Update
Week of April 20, 2014

Last week was a religious week for most people, so you can guess that I took some time to participate in religious activities. To state things once more, I'm not personally using any of the MMC that is awarded to me. All the MMC I use will be towards developmental efforts. Once things start to pick up, I will contribute a modest portion of block-chain rewarded funds to my personal wallet.

I just wanted to get that clear. I'm using the MMC rewarded to me wisely. I have been holding the sponsorship with Biophil and have paid him almost 60% of my rewards. I am attempting to create a Performance Shirt with the Memorycoin Logo on it so that he can advertise MMC. His marathon is set to take place in 16 weeks.

Since last week, the price of MMC/fiat went up because of Bitcoin's bump in price. I've paid Biophil 2000MMC and 1475 MMC per week for the past two weeks. I have left-over budget funds from my own personal wallet to pay for any other marketing projects such as for a shoutcast server and online gaming marketing.

So far, last week was a flash. It's been my third week as CEO and the experience is still very exhilarating. I've posted several more ideas under the officer board. I also plan on pushing through at least two plans in the marketing section this week. Our other plans and ideas are being worked on and our p2pool software is coming along great.

As far as the mishaps travel, on bitsharestalk.org there is a controversial discussion relating to several members of our community. I implore everyone to spare their time and words reading it. It is a complete and utterless waste of time. Eventually I will publish some community guidelines to make sure that our forums are oriented the way that we propose. The ability to publish rules is very useful to prevent toxicity and controversy.

I've been modifying the boards and have added several new features. This personally cost me $370 USD, but adds an extensive list of new features to the forums. I added some extra SEO functionality and more social features. The only bug as of this moment is the editor. It's gone for now, but will be re-installed soon. I can't really play with format and make things easier to read so plain old text is okay for now.

I have been focusing on marketing in Memorycoin because we lost a good bunch of active members from a few months ago. I want to get them back. I hope to keep our online member list at 100 per day on average. This will ensure that our community is large enough to start applying other priorities such as support.

Our support division is MIA and I'm afraid Seraphim may not get back to me. I plan on running against seraphim as CSO because of inactivity for the recent weeks. As CEO I also want to make sure that our block-chain elections are promoting active development in the community. Last time I checked, his position was 400,000/470,000 votes away from a spoil address. I suppose that the community can reroute their spoil votes to my CSO address.

  If you elect me as CSO
  • All funds will be used towards the development of Memorycoin.
  • All information will be imported to a different website and updated.
  • More funds will be directed towards prioritized projects.
  • The MMC-Wiki will be recreated as an organized and easy-to-navigate webpage, all information saved.
  • Development will be consistent and reliable. Support and Feedback will be a priority.
  • Detailed, simple, and easy to use guides will be created to help others adopt Memorycoin and learn about it.
  • I will give up CSO easily to anyone willing to take it up at any time.
To Vote for me as CSO:
Send a satoshi coin (0.00000001) to:

Plans for this week:

This week I will be working on getting at least one Shoutcast server running at 128K AAC format (Very good sound) and a TF2 + CS:S server located in the US. The funds applied for the shoutcast server will be only $16 a month.

For game servers:
I am planning to buy another server that will cost $100/mo for very high performance. The server features DDOS protection and null route. It also features RAID5 x4 SSD drives.
Since the server will have a great CPU, I will allocate idle processes of the CPU to mine MMC and give away MMC to players on the server. Some of my funds will be used to pay for the server.
I plan on running at least 10 gameservers to house an average of 320 players at peak hours.
This equates to about 960 MOTD views and 3,840 keyword text advertisements
per hour to in-game players.

My next update is on April 23rd about where my CEO funds are applied.
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