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General Discussion / Memorycoin blocks and chainstate torrent
« on: July 24, 2015, 02:47:23 AM »

NEW: Bittorrent for 17 September, 2015 (please check back for monthly updates)

This is a build recorded from the Windows Memorycoin Wallet app. This includes ONLY the blocks and chainstate, not any wallet data file or any wallet executable. You MUST have already installed and run the Wallet, and have a wallet data file (WALLET.DAT) created.

For Windows:

  • completely exit the MemoryCoin Wallet app, and ensure it is not running using the Task Manager
  • unpack this ZIP archive to [WInstallPart]:\Users\[MMCOwner]\AppData\Roaming\MemoryCoin ([WInstallPart] is normally C; [MMCOwner] is the user account that runs MemoryCoin). Allow the ENTIRE blocks and chainstate folders to completely overright anything already stored
  • restart the Wallet app (if you get any error, use the "--scan" flag on startup), and allow it to bring the data up to speed (download the last few weeks)
For Linux or Mac, I am not sure if the data is the same, but someone can likely fill that in for us in the future.

The link is a magnet, and will need a modern Bittorrent client. It includes my private server as well as a public which I am using as a data host booster1, to increase torrent speeds. Please re-seed if you can.


1Having issues with the public host, but my local server is still strongly attached to the tracker. My apologies if download speeds aren't stellar. I'm limited to 1Mb/s U/D (safety set to protect bandwidth for the server's other functions over an 802.11AC bridge) so you will be looking at a couple hour download. Still far quicker than manual. Seeders will help increase download speeds!

Due to restoring my rig, I had to reload my backup wallet and restore the block database. At 28 weeks behind, the Wallet executable created a exception fault. I deleted everything, restored the backup wallet, and it did the same, followed by a general protection fault.

I loaded the previous Wallet executable, restored the wallet again, and it restored fine. I have since moved up to the latest version, and it seems to be working now.

System is running Windows 8.1 Pro, fully updated, AMD FX-9590, and 32Gb ECC memory. I have NOT had this issue occur on my second installation, which is running on Windows Server 2012 VM.

Current YAM version is now X.


This message thread will be updated as new versions are released, so check back.

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